Friday, August 10, 2007



Chancing upon a pretty rose
One noon day by dusty country bushes
(Is this how people meet?)
I thought I finally found fondness
(Or was it love?)
But tripped and nearly fell headlong
Drunk with the potent wine of her presence.

'Oops, sorry!', She said and sighed
Heavy in heart, I said and sighed
'It's nothing!'
It was love at fast sight
(A bus came a long
on we hoped, eyes ogling).

Life's long miles take us far
Over bulging, breaking bridges
Under trembling tunnels of trouble
the duel demands daft decorum
and there's no letting up..
“We have nothing,” I say, “Let's quit.”
'We have love," she says. 'Let's stick.”

Life's busy buses pass us by
and we must catch up
the weather is harsh
the roses wither…

But we're up with the dusk
When the winds are dry
and though the bus breaks down again
We've learnt to wait and mend
Along life's endless journey.


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