Friday, August 10, 2007

Save lake Victoria

Save Lake Victoria

Look, look
Look to the East and look to the West
Look to the North and look to the South
All you see is nothing but green
A green wide pitch on a once clean lake
And men and women in deadly machete games Fishing fellow men from precious life
Who will save lake Victoria ?

Listen listen
To the muffled breathing of the lifeless sea
Listen to the silence of a lifeless life force
All you hear is nothing but despair
A strangled plea of waves arrested in leap
By the tangling, throttling, choking weed
Who will save Lake Victoria?

Listen, listen
To the ulultations of Apiny
Listen to her listless footsteps
As she flees from her defeated husband
Cows, goats, riches and all
Women and children and runaway granaries
Who will quell the fury of a jilted senior wife?

Look look
at Nyamgondho the son of Ombare
Pondering his ill fate
Dumb struck by a silent shore
Stuck on his walking stick
Struck by the second wind
Of imminent abject poverty
Who will save wuod Ombare?

Listen listen,
Listen to the pitiful cry of sea farers
Trapped in the hyacinth
In sight but out of reach
So near here and yet so far away
Listen to the pleas of lost fishermen
Unable to bring their catch ashore
Who will save Lake Victoria?

Who will save Lake Victoria?
Who will save the stranded fishermen?
Who will soothe the scorching fury
Of Apiny nyar Lowo?
Who will save the drowning hippo
And the trapped tilapia?
Who will save Lake Victoria?

And the muffled Mbuta and the strangled Ngege Who will hack away the hyacinth
So the fish and the people may be free again
To breathe the clean air of prosperity
And drink of the fresh waters of nam Sango? Who will save Lake Victoria?

Come, come
Come my people, come
With your machetes and swords and pangas Come from the forests and the hills
Of Gucha andTransmara
Come you sons of Asembo and Owila
Come you daughters of Kano and Nyakach From the shoulders of the Rift Valley
From the plains and the .valleys come
Come let's save Lake Victoria.


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