Friday, August 10, 2007

The grand march

The Grand March

The peace procession proceeded
Progressing, like a snake without shoulders
With a license,
Or without a license
Where it was going,
no one knew.

They could end up
outside majestic state house
Or in the mass graveyard
Complete with bright placards
broken bones, blasted heads
Their mouth-filling slogans silenced
Their gigantic tree branches
reduced to dust

Call the police,
Call the police! someone!
No, its the world cup!
Someone must have incited
these peace loving law abiding people?

The police, when they came
A little faster than the fire brigade
Did stop them
But after that
What? where?
How could…?
We know the inciter.
'These church people,' said someone
'with their have foreign masters.
talking about a wind of change
This is a universal problem.

Look where they're going.
A huge cross leads them
glittering like a sword
Seems there is no more heaven
except the one on earth.
The lawyers, the students, too
Have joined the protesters!
Tomorrow they'll close the 'varsity
Those kids have been rather noisy lately
Shouting at the lion face to face!
Some call it the wind of change
Ha, let's see who gets blown away.
The whistle blows
The old marchers, their feet weary
Fall asleep by the wayside
Are soon replaced by more
fire-spitting red eyed rebels

But these too tire out
Gorge themselves with loot
Run out of steam and song
And crumble in a heap of deceit.

The long noisy march to nowhere
is called politics.


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