Friday, August 10, 2007

I hear my mother sing

I hear my Mother Sing

I hear my mother sing
As she grinds corn
Supper will be late
and little
Hmmm Hmmm,
I hear her hum
those songs of liberation

My pious brother,
too, he sings
for God’s hand
over the earth
the clouds are gathering

Everywhere the are singing
The sacred songs of rebellion
Calling the many gods
they sing: we want another god
another baba and mama
This one is too much
God come with mana.
to relieve us from this maniac

My learned brother,
he too sings
The song of the torah
Ten years are too many
Ten years are too many

My sister too,
she is singing
Of her many lovers
and no bargain yet for Daddy

I hear my mother singing
As she grinds the corn
for our supper
I too burst into song
A song for my motherland
God, oh God
lay your godly hands
on her many eggs.


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