Friday, August 10, 2007

Elephant song

Elephant Song
(Farewell to Moi. Written December 26, 2002)

Come, all ye animals of earth
Hey you there!
join us here!

E'en the birds of the air
And the fish of the sea
Let's all sing
and be merry
For the elephant
King of the jungle
Has fallen this very day.

Let us sing,
let us rejoice
For there he lies,
dead and gone
Weighted down
by his heavy tusks
never again shall he stand.

Let the terrible tiger
tear him apart
Like butchers with sharp knives
Let the vultures sing for him
Sorry songs of forlorn sorrow

Let hyenas laugh loud and clear
Echoing in the ears of the world.
Call the worms to dig him up
Tell the poachers here is tusk
For there is no more high tax.

Come you all animals of earth
Let's rejoice, let's make merry
For no more shall heavy feet
Trample us in ignorant slavitude

For today
we are free

Free at last,
Free at last
We are free at last!


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