Thursday, August 9, 2007

What, my love

What, My Love?

What, my love,
and what, sister of my bosom
What is this pain
gnawing at the bottom
of my heart?
I know, I know
Is the waiting in vain
For the one dear one
That vexes my heart so

What, my love, and what
My sweet-heart
are you the precious gem
the chicken seek in the sand?
I know, I know
I shall seek thee in my dreams
Where the milk of your eyes
Glitters like gold
blinding my unbelieving eye

What my love,
and what is this I hear
In the heated market gossip
of women selling omena?
I know, I know
its the pearl in my palms …
shines bright …
eluding the embrace
of my yearning,
mortal fingers.

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