Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mating dogs and cyberporn


Though green, smelly and stagnant
you have reached your mother,
'E'en when the drought takes its toll
your waters will come calling
gurgling, garrulent, grumbling
to reclaim thy river bed.

Dragging away your sordid remains
into the deep depths of the lake
for the fish you bring good tidings
for men, misery and madness
you wash our sins and sweat
beneath the mighty trees
carving your way under our roads
a sad companion to lost travelers.

Though you hate to move another inch
you know well patience will pay
So lie there, Nyandiwa river
Till life's winding paths
carrying many a wounded heart
brings us together again.

Mating dogs and cyberporn

When starved children burst open
a room of pleasure-pulsing
glazed eyes hasten in the dusk
Its not Paris Hilton alone
Slum dogs, too feel shy
stuck from the back
answering from far above
a call from the sky-ba.


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